How to facilitate a tweet chat

Tweet chats are really a great way to engage a community of people. We recommend having two people facilitate the chat. One person to ask the chat questions, the other person to ask probing questions and support the main facilitator. The tweet chat can go really fast so it is helpful to have an extra pair of tweet hands.

  • Advertise your tweet chat prior to the chat starting. This could be through interacting with people who normally participate in the chat, as well as tweeting reminders about the chat.
  • At the tweet chat start time  get people to introduce themselves. An icebreaker can be very helpful. For example, get people to tweet pictures of where they are, what they are drinking/eating, pets that are keeping them company (beware of crazy cat lady HR people though).
  • Welcome as many people as you can. Particularly people who are new to the chat – be encouraging and help them out if they need it.
  • Start with your first question at about 5 past the hour, after introductions.
  • Ask your pre-posted questions at regular intervals. For example, if you have four questions ask them at 15 minute intervals (don’t forget to include your hashtag with the questions).
  • As people tweet responses, ask probing questions. For example, what do you mean by that? Can you provide any examples?
  • Retweet the really good tweets.
  • Ask for any final points at the end of the chat.
  • Thank people for coming, respond to people who thank you for running it.
  • It’s a good idea to create a twitter list of the people who attended your chat so you can connect with them easily throughout the week.

We hope these tips help you facilitate your own really awesome tweet chat.



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