Do you want to be a guest contributor?

We welcome guest contributors to #nzlead particularly if it’s a topic that pokes things up with a proverbial stick.

What does being a guest contributor involve?

  • Writing a short intro blog to a topic that is HR (and preferably NZ) related, including why it’s topical (see previous previews for examples).
  • Write 4-5 questions to spark discussion around the topic (although if you’re not comfortable with this part we can write them based on your blog).
  • Summarise the tweet chat discussion – suggestions for your summary include: what you’ve learnt; how it challenged your thinking; the key points that were discussed; the tweets that really resonated with you.
  • Sending us a short blurb about yourself and preferably a photo.

We’ll handle the promotion (although you can definately help) and we will do the tweet chat faciliation.

If you want to talk about an awesome product or service, that’s cool but we’ll probably screen you to make sure it’s objective and we’re not interested if you’re just trying to sell stuff.

So tweet Amanda or Tash if you think of a topic that excites you.


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