Flash a Smile!

At #NZLEAD we thought it was time to hold a competition amongst our fantastic community and get you involved. As you may have heard we are developing the #NZLEAD website and will be working on launching a new one soon.

We will be running a photo competition using Instagram. Selected photos will be used to bring our new website to life while the one winning picture will win a #NZLEAD merchandise package!

The winner will be the picture which receives the most “likes” on Instagram; showing great initiative, creativity and fun.

We want the new website to portray community, spirit and collaboration, what better way to do that than through pictures of the amazing #NZLEAD community in their element.

Competition Parameters:


Start – 09 September 2013

Finish – 20 September 2013

Winner announced on: 25 September 2013

Some guidelines around pictures:

(Pictures don’t need to meet every point listed here)

  • Social media has to form some part of the picture or meaning behind the picture
  • The use of #NZLEAD might provide brownie points!
  • It can be a group or individual photo
  • You can submit more than one photo each
  • Inventive and unique photos will be great! (using #NZLEAD or social media)
  • Has to be appropriate to be use in a professional sense and on our website

Method to submit:

  • You will need to have an Instagram account to participate in the competition
  • Follow NZLEAD on Instagram
  • Load the picture through your Instagram account and use the “add people” option to add NZLEAD in your photo (this will ensure we receive notification of its submission)
  • Tag #NZLEAD in your picture description as well so that we can also filter it by the tag, as you would on Twitter
  • When you share your submission on Instagram, share it through your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts and share the fun! (only if you want to)

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