#NZLEAD RECAP: Frucor, values and engagement

In our second week of discussion about engagement in the month of July, we focused on a case-study on Frucor engagement, values and culture. One of the threads that I picked up on, that I’d never really thought about before and made a lot of sense, was the role of internal communications in engagement.

If we consider that engagement is comes from finding meaningfulness in your job and connection to a wider purpose, then communication is integral to this. Communication is about much more than broadcasting information, it’s about engaging the head, heart and hands of people.  Zoe Mounsey is going to dig out a paper she wrote on the topic and share it around. I really look forward to reading it.

Engagement is not just the responsibility of the organizations, it is the responsibility of individuals. The values and culture are not up to ‘the business’ to create, everyone’s contribution makes a difference:

However, leadership plays a pivotal role in bringing culture, values and engagement to life. We had some discussion around whether leaders are born or developed, and I don’t think we came to a conclusion either way. However, leaders have to live the values themselves for them to flow through:

Values should be aligned with individual values and, it’s nothing new, but they should also be more than what is written on the wall. We all know that though. If everyone is aligned to the culture and values of the organization this is where effective performance happens.

As HR peeps, what is our role in this engagement = performance equation? It’s quite simple really, if you hire – retain – reward people who align to the values and culture you want to build, engagement should follow. Then, when people are engaged, high performance should result. Yup, we solved that discussion: Engagement does equal performance. Or did we loose the naysayers this week by talking about a case-study?

Focusing on engagement does need to be done in an authentic way. By focusing on performance only, this can be seen as inauthentic to the values and culture you are trying to create. Not everyone is motivated by money, so this cannot be the only outcome.

Join us next week to continue the discussion on engagement and performance.



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