#NZLEAD PREVIEW: Adding value to the HR profession

Richard Westney wrote a blog last week entitled Mind the Gap. It’s well worth a read and forms the inspiration for this week’s topic. Richard also received a response from Catherine Taylor, the HRINZ National President.

HRINZ does some awesome stuff, and this is all listed in Catherine’s response, including the avenues by which HRINZ is communicating this stuff. It’s ironic though, communication is one of the banes of an HR professional’s day-to-day work. How do you articulate policy, process, initiatives etc in a way that the general population can comprehend? Communication doesn’t necessarily mean understanding.

I wonder how many people share the same views as Richard but are reluctant to put it out there on social media? It was scary for me, and I’m generally comfortable with this forum. I have several colleagues now who have told me that they struggle to see the value in their HRINZ membership, and even one who prefers to retain her CIPD membership instead because it provides more value for a senior HR professional. How is this feedback getting back to HRINZ?  Tash had given a response to Catherine Taylor and, although she is nervous to provide feedback on such a public forum, she went ahead and voiced her opinion anyway. Feedback should be provided and it should be heard. How comfortable are you in providing this feedback?

This week’s topic is very New Zealand focused. But if you’re tweeting in from the UK, please don’t feel that you should miss out. We would love to hear your perspectives. Not only that, what have you heard about NZ’s professional body? Because, if it’s really awesome, hopefully it has transcended oceans.

Q1) What do you find most valuable for the development of the HR profession (in NZ or the UK)?

Q2) What do you find most valuable for your HR professional development?

Q3) What does NZ’s professional body do really well?

Q4) What would you like to see more of from NZ’s professional body?

We intend this week to have a positive appreciative approach, but we’re not adverse to a bit of anarchic discourse. If you think you’re brave enough?

2 thoughts on “#NZLEAD PREVIEW: Adding value to the HR profession

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