I debated a bit about what to call this week’s tweet chat because the topic I am putting to you is much broader than straight out mentoring. I toyed with ’empowering leadership’, ‘coaching’, and ‘developing the next generation’ but really these terms can all fit under a mentoring umbrella.

Last week we talked about how to get more woman into leadership positions. I see great mentoring as a method to do this and get woman to take more ownership of their professional development. But this topic is broader than woman.

What I see is University graduates coming out with unrealistic expectations of the roles they will acquire straight out of uni, Gen-Y bashing, and HR career paths that are complicated and complex. There are so many specialisations and things that we need to know as an HR professional. We don’t learn all of these things in tertiary education, so it is not uncommon for HR people to come into the profession through different career paths. Furthermore, the next generation of leaders, the Gen-Ys, are categorised unfavorably when really we have SO much to offer – what can we do to tap that more?

Apparently New Zealand has a management problem. But how much of that also extends into management within the HR profession? I’ve worked for some awesome people who have been incredible mentors. However, I have also worked for people that I’ve really felt that I needed a mentor to help me perform in these more challenging circumstances. I wonder what the experiences are of other HR professionals and how we can bridge the gap.

Q1) What does leadership look like in the next 5-10 years?

Q2) What are the characteristics of a great mentoring relationship?

Q3) How does social media change the landscape of mentoring relationships?

Q4) How can we better empower the next generation of leaders?


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