#NZLEAD RECAP: Democratising Learning

Perry Tims Bio

Was this week’s #nzlead an example of Democratised Learning?

I enjoyed being an active part of #nzlead this week.  The conversation seemed to flow and it got some people chipping in.  However the BIG question is did the Pom take-over of #nzlead work out?  I think so however I’ll begin with a little personal reflection. Continue reading


#NZLEAD PREVIEW: Democratising Learning

Perry Tims Bio

A Democratised approach to learning is one of those things that I’ve always practised before I even knew what it was. You could say this is just another trendy label on something that naturally occurs OR you can say by tagging it, we’re more aware of it; give it recognition it deserves and can Continue reading

#NZLEAD RECAP: Social Media in Recruitment

Kirsti Grant BioSocial Media in Recruitment is something #nzlead attendees are quite fond of (dare I say “obviously”) and this was always going to be a topic that people felt strongly about. I don’t think there were any surprises and certainly not any massive breakthroughs on what Continue reading