#NZLEAD PREVIEW: HR and social media

Shona Glentworth nzlead

My journey into social media marketing is relatively new and I love what I am seeing in relation to small business;  in particular the use of Social media for marketing, building relationships and advocacy. Continue reading


#NZLEAD RECAP: Development Planning

It was interesting to see the responses to our questions on Development Planning.

Many of the participants stated that managers were responsible for the development planning of the employees, but I would argue that it is also the responsibility of employees to ensure that they have a development plan in place. Continue reading

#NZLEAD PREVIEW: Development Planning

I still consider February the start of the year. Most people are working on objective setting and, hopefully, how they are developing this year.

Development planning is a process where-by we develop employees within their roles or develop them to move to other roles. It can be quite a straightforward process. You go through your performance objectives, your competencies, identify any gaps, talk about your career aspirations and come up with a plan. Your plan is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Aligned, Realistic and Time-bound). Your manager is supportive and uses coaching techniques to get you to reflect and on, and take ownership of, your plan; you review it regularly and check that your development is being reflected in your performance. You do all this, right?

Q1) Who actually does all this? Why? Why not?

Q2) What are the consequences of not doing development planning well? What are the benefits of doing it really well?

Q3) What is HR’s role in development planning? Where do we add value?

Q3) The ‘million dollar question’: how do we invigorate and engage people in development planning?